Sacred Occasions

I am actually a reverend (ordained in the United Church of Christ), so I can legally marry people.  I am happy to assist in planning a ceremony that honors the couple being married and that makes use of words and symbols that hold meaning for them.  I find weddings to be full of joy and hope, and my enjoyment of the beauty inherent in witnessing two people make a commitment to love one another for life is always evident in the way I officiate the ceremony.

photo courtesy of   Nicole Ryan Photography

photo courtesy of Nicole Ryan Photography

I am also available to help plan and facilitate sacred occasions other than weddings: commitment ceremonies, funerals/memorials, blessingways, baby blessings–the sky is the limit! If you’ve got a life event you want to honor, I can help you create a meaningful ceremony to mark the occasion.

Fee includes one planning session and my presence at the event itself.  Rehearsal time and/or travel outside of Waco incurs an additional cost.